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LT Series DVR Series
DVP Series PLCV Series GL Series Stationary Units

Wess FZE

We are the main distributor for Durovac in the Middle East. Our clients are spread through-out all the Middle-East and we extend our services across the entire region.

The systems are designed for continuous operation and are engineered to vacuum any type of material.


Abrasive and solid materials can be easily vacuumed with Durovac vacuum machines.



Featuring more than twenty models of portable vacuum cleaners for industrial applications.

The portable units are self contained and can reach areas where a vacuum truck is unable to access. The units have equal power and extremely low maintenance. Units are available in explosion proof versinos and all hoses are anti static and can be modified upon request.

Central Vacuum system featuring a choice of vacuum producers and seperators. Wess specialized in central vacuum systems for industries.

Choose from centrifugal or positive displacement vacuum products and pulse jet cleaned cartridge type of bag house.

All units are especially designed for customer requirements. For certain industries pre-engineered units are available.