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LT Series

Don’t waste time worrying about your Vacuum Cleaning System

The LIFETIME Portable Industrial Vacuum by DuroVac is ultra-efficient. Fines from hardwood floor sanders and concrete floor polishers WON’T clog the filters, EVER!  Mines and heavy industries with the finest dust are starting to equip themselves with the LIFETIME portable industrial vacuum.


You’ll find that our exclusively-designed backup filter will ensure that NO dust will have a chance to leak into the atmosphere. Our portable industrial vacuum units also will not allow dust to cause damage to the high flow motor, like it can in competitive designs.


As a matter of fact, our filter system is so completely effective that you’ll have NO air flow drop as the canister is filled. When the canister is full, simply shake the filters and you’ll be up and running quickly. You actually don’t even need to LOOK at this machine, virtually all day long!


Our LIFETIME Series portable industrial vacuum cleaner features an ultra-quiet, 4000-hour rated, “reluctance” type, brushless vacuum producer. Compare this to regular vacuums that only last 500 hours – or LESS!


Why choose the LIFETIME for your Industrial Vacuum needs?

The LIFETIME has a full 4000 hour Hi-Flo motor that offers you 99.9% filtration. It’s designed and built for contractors with little time to spend on maintenance and repairs. It works perfectly for drywall dust, wood floor sanding and concrete grinding.

You’ll never have to shut down production just to clean out the filters with the LIFETIME portable industrial vacuum. You can run it as long as you need it, all day long, if that’s what it takes, without any problems.


You can vacuum to 90” S.P. with the LIFETIME series, with its 3-5 Hp 120 & 200V single phase power supply. The Flow is up to 640 SCFM, with 36.7.0 Sq. Ft. of 99% filtration. It offers you 20 US Gallons of usable storage, and it’s super quiet! Just 72 dBa @ 3 ft.


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DVR Series

Our Smallest, most Versatile Industrial Vacuum System

If you’re looking for the best in a portable industrial vacuum, look no further than the DuroVac “Regen Series”. These vacuums take fine powders right in stride, with their triple filter system making them ultra-efficient. They match this with a super-quiet, strong regenerative type vacuum producer, to handle the biggest cleanups with ease.


You’ll find four portable industrial vacuum models in this particular series. Newly designed modular construction allows you to select the suction power you need along with the filtration and storage canister that you will find necessary for your location.

Like all of our other portable industrial vacuum models, each one features an available inline safety filter that you can easily upgrade to HEPA type filters.

Why choose the Regen for your Industrial Vacuum needs?

The Regenerative models are our most popular vacuums, offering continuous duty power for heavy duty needs and 99.90% filtration capabilities. Each vacuum also has plenty of storage.


You can choose from 5.0 to 11.5 Hp available, that will vacuum to 141” S.P. and a flow to 385 SCFM. These models offer 25 U.S. gallons of usable storage and 30.8 Sq. Ft. of primary filtration.


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DVP Series



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PLCV Series

The Power in PowerLift

Tired of not having the power you need when it comes to vacuum cleaner? The Powerlift Series is a portable, powerful industrial vacuum that moves material fast. This all-in-one package features a full up to 68 cubic feet (2 cubic meters) of usable storage. This gives you easy and simple control of your production clean-ups!


The Powerlift portable industrial vacuum cleaner has many different filtration and horsepower options, so you know you’ll be getting the high performance you depend on in a powerful industrial vacuum. It’s the best solution for your vacuuming needs.

This positive displacement vacuum pump will attain up to 16” Hg and it pulls even harder after the hose is filling with material.


Why choose our Powerlift Vacuum Cleaner?

Powerlift Portable Vacuums can move more than 300 pounds of sand per minute, without missing a beat. The incredible, new silencers give the vacuum the ultimate in quiet running, even when you’re operating at 16” Hg. They also offer you the best strength in suction.

When you choose Powerlift, you’ll benefit from an effective, efficient design that gives you the best in long-term cleaning performance with minimum maintenance. The super low noise levels on these large PD machines come from the extensive tuning of the silencers.


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GL Series

Why choose our "Gladiator" GL Vacuum Cleaner?

The GL Series is our largest mobile vacuum unit, which is available in 140Hp, 225Hp or 350 Hp versions.  The units have either a 5”, 6” or 8” hose to suck large pieces in high volume through the unit.  The maximium vacuum of these units is 27Hg and they are completely self-contained as they have their own diesel engine.  They can also be used near pot rooms of aluminium smelters as they have shielding against magnetic interference.


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Stationary Units

Vacuum Packages

Each DuroVac Vacuum Package is durable, robust and heavy duty in design. It rests on a structural steel frame that is of industrial caliber. Each unit also comes with an exhaust silencer that is custom-tuned for optimal performance. As a plus, we also include a vacuum relief valve as standard equipment in our Vacuum Packages, unlike some of our competitors. It’s just one way we go above and beyond what you’d expect, in giving you a package that balances safety and efficiency.


Cartridge Filter Separators

After you select the heart of your vacuum system, the Vacuum Package, we’ll help you in determining which Filter Separator to combine with it. Your best Filter Separator selection is very dependent on the parameters that you establish for us to study in your Vacuum Design Worksheet, so providing the most accurate and thorough information is very important.

At DuroVac, we work arduously in engineering the most efficient Filter Separators. This results in the most robust designs, highly effective separation of fine particulates and everything else, all packaged into an innovative design that’s still competitively priced for your business.